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White marble decor and beige marble bathroom style (Figure)

Le 16 September 2014, 10:07 dans Humeurs 0

Stone the bathroom often greasy, water, rust, soap scum and other contamination, in order to protect the stone surface cleaning without damaging the porcelain surface brightness; you can use the multi-purpose decontamination cream clean. As for the stone crevice, first with a brush dipped in a little decontamination cream remove dirt, then brush a waterproofing agent to the crevice, so not only can the anti-seepage water and can mold growth.

White marble decor and beige marble bathroom style (Figure)


It is worth mentioning that a large number of families currently cleaning disinfectants used contain a great impact on the natural stone pH and other chemical substances, the color of the stone surface and internal mineral composition of adverse reactions. Particularly serious, most of the cleaning agent must react for at least five minutes before there are results in the stone surface, but at this time the cleaning agent has been destroyed stone, so the stone surface should be used to clean the bathroom neutral pH value cleaning agent.
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marble or granite have radiation on the human body health

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 The same price, even if the stone is better, many people still choose to use tiled floor and walls.” Fong Chi Wah Hefei Stone Chamber of Commerce executive vice president, said that in many people’s eyes, the stone is too expensive, and with the can not afford. In fact, the stone used for decoration and people think so expensive, especially in mid-renovation, but choose to spend less than the stone tiles.

Fong Chi Wah, for example sub-introduced to 80 cm × 80 cm in size floor tiles, for example, ordinary marble floor tile, the price of two or three hundred each, the lowest one or two hundred can buy. And a little better brand tiles, each price to three or four hundred, to a thousand dollars more expensive. If the mass of quartz stone tile, then the price of each block can be controlled in less than 400 yuan, but do quartz floor tiles, laying wall has many advantages, carved shapes can also use many years after re-polish renovation.

Stone currently applies only to general home improvement sill plates, window-stone, kitchen countertops, wash basins, etc. This is the essence of the particularity of stone and stone production model has a certain association, for the stone industry do not understand, is a private stone decoration the one major obstacle, there are three errors: misunderstanding: marble or granite have radiation on the human body health. Myth: There are many decorated with stone cracks and flaws. Myth: business model offered is not ideal, does not meet the client’s intentions lines.


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Stone in the home improvement marble factory market

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In the high-end home decoration, natural stone is widely used in local interior design. Even those who seem to miss with stone furniture, such as coffee table, desk, chair and so have been conquered stone, so a return home with the taste of nature.

Stone in the home improvement market is not popular in the end

However, more recently the building materials market in Hefei, found a strange phenomenon: used for engineering decoration (referred to as “tooling”) of stone, in the family home decoration (referred to as “home improvement”) is not favored.

Ready to own a new house renovated public Liu said: “I think the ground is still living and dining room tiled as well, laying marble, quartz price should be expensive, or else, nobody Shop ye do?”


In tile, stone sales in Hefei, east China International Building Materials Center suxiaojun said, now with stone decoration is very little, only the threshold stone, windows and countertops, kitchen countertops, such as quartz stone or marble. In the past, home improvement is still very widespread use in the stone, and later, by the presence of radiation misunderstanding of natural stone, artificial stone quartz stone, high prices and other factors, home improvement gradually reduce the amount of stone, only kitchen countertops, windowsills and other surfaces with a stone, while the living room, dining room and kitchen floor bathroom wall mostly with tiles.
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